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top-secret wiki spareEdit

Please write about hating thomas, and this is the TOP SECRET WIKI SPARE because everybody spams on This spare is for friends only and yea, it's completely different, I know, but it's better than nothing at all.

NOTE: Don't tell anyone about this they'll tell people who they know will spam and they want friends' and the staff's help! HA!!!!!! Nobody tell spammers or else your wiki will be DESTROYED!!!!!

The great IdeaEdit

The thomas hating club was made by ==name and address inheld==. ==name and address inheld== has a couple viewers (SPAMMERS!!!!) coming to his wiki. He's very furious, so let's help ==name and address inheld== and save his wiki! I am going to help poor ==name and address inheld== out with this wiki. This wiki was made by ''''------- and ==name and address inheld== created the first wiki. I made this Top-Secret Wiki a secet so no spammers would visit.''

Thomas is evil, satanic, and all bad falls into himEdit

Yes, everyone hates Thomas in one way, and that's why people are jealous of wiki editors and SPAM the wiki. Hey, go ask if Thomas is a child molester.Edit

Why Thomas Is EvilEdit

Thomas is pure evil, as the picture at top left would suggest. Look around this website to find really good reasons why you should hate Thomas. Some include, Thomas is a pedophile, Thomas is a Nazi, and Thomas promotes satanic ideals. Like, the yo mama jokes. He's cruel to your children and make your kids lose their education, caused ceizures (Flashing Lights), and made the ability for kids to learn disappear. They'll forget their names, too. Thomas is a pedophile (Like Mentioned Above). "Now being a pedophile isn't all bad, kids. Being a ped just means you have fallen in love with somebody. No gay, on the other hand, are fags and should be destroyed and sent to Hell to be Satan's slaves." Thomas quotes. Well, I can make abrief summary instantly. THOMAS IS A RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His satanic ideas are to destroy all Christins, Jews, Gays, Anybody Baptised, and Anyone Breastfed. He watches as they die and get beat up. And one more thing- Thomas was a NAZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep! It was all over the news. Thomas used to worship Adolf until he died, that's when he turned satanic and is avenging Hitler's soul. But Thomas went way too far, and now kills every kind of race, sex, and catholics.

Who all in Thomas is evilEdit

Here are some reasons why Thomas is not suitable for kids like you:

Thomas is satanic, avenger, evil, terrorit, etc.

Percy is the brattest and most perverted

James started it all

Gordon is a &#%$ing bastard

the fat controller is gay

These are all to tell you that the whole show is evil.

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