The last time we heard from thomas was from Febuary, and now it is April. Here was his last letter.

To whom it may concern,
   You will die! You believe that you'll catch me, but now I'm calling mars to attack 
everybody on Earth! Now, who's the one who will die? Hahahaha! You'll never stop me! Dead
or alove! No one can! Not even you guys, the US Army! We, Japanese trains, are coming to 
USA right now! We're taking the train! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Good luck for your next 3 days! 

                                            your's truly, Thomas!

But, the US army has been waiting. It says we only got 3 days to live, which changed to 64... but in March, we've discovered this letter and picture-

US Army,
We have been delayed from the attack. Which means you guys are really lucky. But not. 
Luckily for ME, I've sent the letter to Mars. I don't know when they decide to attack you
guys. But be aware!
Ufo apollo8 30000km

Here is Mars, or that is what THOMAS thinks. You see, this picture has obviously been computer animated. For example, you can't take a picture from outer space. Second, if you could, how could Thomas get it?

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